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Major upgrade to Ableton Live 9.5

Major upgrade to Ableton Live 9.5

by Tuesday 10 November 2015 10:23

Live 9.5 is the latest version of Live from Ableton. It contains several additional key features including new waveforms, metering displays, sampling options, analogue-modelled filters, instruments and an improved library of sounds and several creative tools.


The new Waveforms in Live now show more detail than ever before with the ability to zoom and scroll with ease. Your tracks are now automatically given colours by default along with new clips being given the tracks colour which ensures your sets are kept all in order.

Metering displays

The dynamics of tracks are now easier to manage with the addition of Peak and RMS meters. They are designed to display any immediate changes in level along with volume.

Sampling options

The newly redesigned sampling instrument, Simpler, now boasts new display, slicing and warping. It also now consists of the new analogue-modelled filters which have been designed in connection with Cytomic. Simpler allows you to warp lengthy samples so they keep in time with your track, play single hits and slice samples across the keyboard.

Analogue-modelled filters

These new filters have been designed in partnership with Cytomic and are based on previous traditional analogue models that precisely distort, feedback and self-resonate. The analogue-modelled filters are built-in to Simpler, Operator, Auto Filter and Sampler.


There are three new synthesisers included in the Max Essentials Pack which include a sleek set of controls and an extensive range of sound design options.

Improved library of sound

Live’s improved sound library now includes presets using the new analogue-modelled filters, new audio clips, lots of additional one shots and new drum kits.

Creative tools

Ableton Live 9.5 consists of a number of improved creative tools including Audio-to-MIDI exchange, which allows sample music data to be extracted. In addition to this the exclusive session view allows for improvisation and performance without the limit of having a timeline.

Wireless Network Connection

Link is a new, soon to be, free update for Live users which enables the playing of devices over a wireless network possible, whilst keeping everything in time. Following this, at some point, Link will be integrated into numerous music making iOS apps. Playing electronic instruments with others at times proves challenging however with the introduction of Link, playing effortlessly together now becomes possible.

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