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Pioneer DJ announce the all new HDJ-700 DJ Headphones

Pioneer DJ announce the all new HDJ-700 DJ Headphones

by Wednesday 09 September 2015 11:16

Pioneer DJ are set to release the new HDJ-700 fully enclosed, dynamic headphones which look great and have optimised sound quality. The HDJ-700s are hard-wearing and tweaked to replicate rich, clear mid to low frequencies ideal for professional and amateur DJs. Not only do they look the part they also come in four different colour designs (matt black, matt black with gold or red stripe and cool white) enough to suit a variety of styles.

The Pioneer HDJ-700 headphones have been inspired by their flagship range which boasts the rotational ear cup with rubber grip allowing trouble-free single-ear monitoring. The 40mm driver units with rare earth magnets guarantees a powerful bass sound, while a thicker than usual (19 micrometre) diaphragm and copper-clad aluminium wire (CCAW) voice coil precisely replicates kicks and snares.

The headphones not only consist of soft, comfortable fitting ear pads but also a sturdy, lightweight (stainless steel) headband. The HDJ-700 DJ headphones come with two interchangeable side-mount cords: a 1.2m coiled cord and a 1m straight cord.

The connections are gold plated and include 3.5/6.3mm jacks. The HDJ-700s have a maximum input of 2000mW, maximum output sound level of 105dB/mW and a frequency range of 5 Hz to 28,000 Hz.

The HDJ-700s are available from October 2015 at £99.

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