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Royksopp Running To The Sea

Royksopp Running To The Sea

Pachanga Boys take on Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør

by Sunday 24 November 2013 22:56

Since they first appeared in 1998, this Norwegian electronic duo have delivered some amazing ground breaking tracks, such as the unforgettable 'Eple'.

For this latest outing Svein and Torbjørn are joined by fellow Norwegian singer-songwriter, Susanne Sundfør, who delivers beautifully descriptive vocals that pull you into the track.

There are more than a few official remixes on this release include DJ HMC, Seven Lions, and Late Nite Tuff Guy to name just three. But the one remix that really stands out for me comes from Superpitcher and Rebolledo, otherwise known as the Pachanga Boys, however you might recognise them under their more experimental guise, Hippie Dance.

As the Pachanga Boys they deliver a more underground yet hauntingly beautiful stripped down remix, taking you on a 12 minute journey of sound, which even without Susanne's full vocals, it surprisingly sounds more Röyksopp than the original. For these reasons and more it is without a doubt my favourite take on the track, and why I recommend it above all others.

If as a DJ you are looking to take your listeners on a musical journey, then this is a must have. But setting that to one side, it is also just a great track for any music lovers collection.

'Running To The Sea' is released on 22nd November 2013 on Dog Triumph, exclusively from Beatport (

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