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Artful & Ridney Are Missing You

Artful & Ridney Are Missing You

Ridney's house re-work of Artful and Terri Walker UKG gem

by Friday 01 March 2013 15:38

Updated - New release package including Artful's Ibiza Sunset Mix!

It's cold outside but there is a buzz in the air, summer is on its way. How can you tell, because tracks like Missing You the Ridney Re-work start to emerge.

The original track which dons the UK garage flavour of Artful (Mark Hill, formerly of Artful Dodger) was born from a studio session with Donae'o and the amazing vocal talents of Terri Walker.

This stonking house re-work by Ridney (Size/Defected and 3 x winner of Pete Tong's 'Essential New Tune') came about when, in Marks own words, "I left it on the table for Ridney to thieve".

In an update to the original release, this new package includes mixes from Future Disco plus the amazing Artful Ibiza Sunset Mix. A brilliant strip down chill out edit that Ridney had the pleasure of dropping during a recent set at Savannah in Ibiza.

This new package is available on iTunes ( and as a limited edition vinyl release. Full track listing below.

Artful & Ridney ft. Terri Walker 'Missing You' (Ridney Re-work)
Artful & Ridney ft. Terri Walker 'Missing You' (Instrumental)
Artful & Ridney ft. Terri Walker 'Missing You' (Artful's Missing Ibiza Sunset Mix)
Artful & Ridney ft. Terri Walker 'Missing You' (Future Odyssey Remix)

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