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Artful On Tour

Artful On Tour

The UKG selecta returns with a new tour

by Tuesday 17 April 2012 0:52

Mark Hill founding member of the hugely successful UK Garage act Artful Dodger is back under his new guise Artful.

Not only has the multi Ivor Novello award winning producer been busy in the studio, working his magic on new releases such as 'Could Just Be The Bassline' co-written with Ed Sheeran and featuring Kal Lavelle on vocals, plus collaborations with Donae'o, Shean Willians, and Daniel De Bourg to name a few, but Mark is about to embark on a mini tour in the UK.

The tour features Mark and a live band performing some of his latest releases such as 'Could Just Be The Baseline', along with classic Artful Dodger material.

'we got a band together about 12 months ago to do festivals and events and the tour is a natural progression from that.' said Mark.

'At first I was a little dubious of performing the old material. We never really performed any of it in that way with a live band apart from 'Please Don't Turn Me On', and the music is very programmed and electronic so is quite difficult to do. But it really works. We have an amazing band which is very tight and they got it straight away and have really nailed it.'

Mark is very active in social media, and has become a big part of what he does in promoting releases, putting out free tracks via twitter, and promoting the forthcoming tour.

'Ed Sheeran was tweeting and touring relentlessly before he got his break, and I have had some great support via Facebook and Twitter.'

The Tour takes in dates in London, Birmingham and Bedford, concluding in Marks home city of Southampton, and we will be exclusively following him and the band every step of the way.

Our very own Matt Auckland, also known as Producer Matt from the weekly Artful & Ridney Show on Voice FM (every Friday 6 till 8pm) (, will be bringing you all the action including pre-tour rehearsals and the tour dates themselves, posting behind the scenes video and pictures via Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

Follow the action on Twitter using the hash tag #artfullive, or by following either, or our very own Matt Auckland as well as our Twitter ( and Facebook feeds.

New material will be released throughout April and May, plus possible special live video feeds. So head over to Twitter to catch the action as it happens.

Full details, tour dates and ticket details are available at

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