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Tune of the Day - 2012-02-12

Tune of the Day - 2012-02-12

Music from my inbox

by Sunday 12 February 2012 15:09

When you work in dance music your inbox becomes a magnet for music and promo's from all over the world, and every now and then you get a tune that catches your eye, or ear as I should say.

I present to you dear reader Six Milli Ways To Die from Zee Reach. Now this little number features an accordion, and yes I know not and easy sound to build a track around, but I must say that Mr Reach has pulled it off nicely.

With the sun deciding to shine today here on the south coast, this tune really filled me with that summer vibe something which isn't easy on a Monday, especially as I'm on my first coffee of the day.

It is a lovely tropical number with a dancehall feel and vocal, plus a classic sample dropped in there for good measure.

Well worth a download, especially as it is at our favourite price, FREE :)

Grab this tune now at:

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