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What A Tune - Tensnake - Coma Cat

What A Tune - Tensnake - Coma Cat

Tensnake Coma Cat is rocking our socks right now

by Friday 25 June 2010 14:13

I must admit this tune has been rocking my stereo ever since I heard it in a mix by DJ/Producer Ridney (podcast mix available on iTunes). It's nu-disco, meets classic disco, meets 80's boogie meets house hybrid. For me it ticks all the boxes and is very reminiscent of the Hacienda house sound back in the day. It's that classic house piano sound that does the businesses for me.

The record has been bubbling since January and has been steadily attracting attention like iron filings drawn to a magnet. The catalyst to this activity was Tensnake’s phenomenal debut podcast on Resident Advisor – a site regarded as the last word in underground house – which first brought the track to everyone full attention.

'From the title track's opening euphoric squeal of female ecstasy and the ensuing bells, clicks and congas that follow soon after, 'Coma Cat' is drenched in such thick, honey-like loveliness that it would be churlish to criticise it in any way' - Resident Advisor.

Needless to say the track instantly picked up a Mixmag Big Tune review and has been enthusiastically supported by various dance music power houses from Aeroplane and Friendly Fires to Pete Tong and Annie Mac.

Tensnake himself is a relative newby, and with only a handful of releases and remixes to his name, it’s still early days for the man known to his nearest and dearest as Marco Niemerski. Unsurprisingly he hails from Hamburg, Germany being the current center of the universe of cool.

This track will undoubtedly be a sure-fire festival hit for the summer from Melbourne to Ibiza to Miami. Expect to be hearing it relentlessly over the coming months...not a bad thing with a track of this exceptional caliber.


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